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閃孕 (shan3 yun4)

quick pregnancy

It refers to some white-collar women who get pregnant in a hurry to avoid being fired. China’s labor law prevents a company from firing a pregnant employee unless the company is insolvent.


躲貓貓 (duo3 mao1 mao1)


The Chinese term for “hide-and-seek” has become a buzzwordovernight among Chinese Netizens after a 24-year-old man died in police custodyin south China’s Yunnan Province and an official report said he ran into a wall blindfolded while playing hide-and-seek with inmates. Unconvinced, a large number of Netizens are taking part in an investigation into the young man’s death. The  investigation showed he was beaten to death by inmates while playing the game.

“躲貓貓”意為捉迷藏,屬南方方言,北方則稱作“藏貓貓”。不管“躲”還是“藏”,這種游戲顯然來自于貓和老鼠捉與被捉的游戲。當這個游戲發生在2009 年2月8日下午的云南省晉寧縣看守所里時,卻引發了一場悲?。簱數鼐秸f,因盜伐森林被拘押的24歲男子李喬明,和同監室的獄友在天井里玩“躲貓貓”游戲時,遭到獄友踢打并不小心撞到墻壁,導致“重度顱腦損傷”,送醫四天后不治身亡。

小月 (xiao3 yue4)

female spendthrift

A pun on the Chinese word for “moonlight,” the term refers to those who spend all their income before next payday. Since the term uses part of the Chinese word and sounds like a female name, it is used to describe women in this category.



小光 (xiao3 guang1)

male spendthrift

Like above, this term uses another part of the Chinese word for “moonlight” and is used to describe male spendthrifts.


賴校族 (lai4 xiao4 zu2)

campus dwellers

It refers to those who have already graduated from college but choose to stay on campus, scared by the bleak job market and wanting to live on campus at a low cost.


臥槽族 (wo4 cao2 zu2)

job-hugging clan

A twist on the Chinese word for "job hopping," this term means "job-hugging" as many people now cling to their current jobs because companies no longer hire new staff due to global economic crisis.


肌肉車 (ji1 rou4 che1)

gas guzzler

This term refers to high gasoline-consuming and big-sized automobiles, usually driven by high-power engines. The automobiles are generally designed with hard lines, hence the name in Chinese which means "muscular car."

肌肉車是指大馬力,高耗油,低操控性外形尺寸大的美國車,也只有這樣的車才能稱得上是肌肉車。 肌肉車可謂一個貼切的稱謂。所謂肌肉車是美國70年代以道奇(Dodge)為首的一種車型,在當時風行美國,甚至成為一代美國精神的代表。

經濟適用男 (jing1 ji4 shi4 yong4 nan2)

budget husband

More and more women now tend to seek a "budget husband" instead of wealthy men just as home buyers now look for budget houses rather than villas during the economic crisis. Although not earning a lot, the budget husbands don"t have bad habits such as drinking, smoking or gambling and are family-oriented.


語音釣魚 (yv3 yin1 dia4o yu2)


This is a portmanteau by blending "voice" and "phishing" and means an attempt to fool a person into submitting personal, financial or password data either by sending an email that includes a scammer-controlled phone number, or by spoofing an automated phone call from a financial institution using VoIP.




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